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About Ancient Sense

Most of the Ancient Sense jewelry is hand-made in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and China. We travel to the ancient cities to work with local artists and try to create jewelry that's inspired by their rich culture. We sometimes combine their artistry with some modern elements in order to express a more universal and retro style. The designs are usually simplistic, yet they preserve the natural beauty and authenticity of the cultures they we draw from.

Our custom made jewelry is inspired by the natural awe-inspiring beauty of the Himalayas. The designs are rooted in an ancient artistry at a time when traditional tribal rituals linked the spirit world to the land of the living. The pieces are a representation of the dance between human nature and spirituality, peace and harmony, time and experience. Combined with contemporary concepts of fashion and indigenous forms of expression, our unique Ancient Sense jewelry is hand crafted and made to be worn by all walks of life.